recap: Mods I wouldn`t do again for overlanding



After over 68350 miles of international overlanding (110`000km) with the rig showed above, done in the past 9 years it is definitively time for an analytic view. Which mod wouldnt we do again, which mod would we install on a newly buildup? From a Transafrica to journeys in Europe, Iceland, South America I had a lot of different terrain to use those mods listened below.

My list of mods isn`t short:
- Snorkel ( +Higher various types of venting )
- Front bar
- winch
- Ground anchor
- Underride protection
- Differential locks
- Maxtrax sand plate / recovery
- Larger tires (33")
- Mudterrain tire tread (MT)
- only 1x spare tire with rim
- Spare tire carrier at the rear
- Air heater (air vs water heater I explain below)
- Additional fuel tank 180Liter
- Heat exchanger to the engine (hot shower)

Which mod was helpful? Which one was waste of money? Which one was really bad? And why?

I did wrote an Article about:

Here is the map of the journey till today:

Thanks for this. My desert overland vehicle is a 2002 4Runner, front and rear bumpers and a synthetic rope winch. Sleeping platform inside. One size up on tires and 2” lift. I have the winch to extract the folks I lead. I would go anywhere in it but use some caution about it’s capabilities. I agree with your assessment of mods. No F’n snorkel or 35” tires for me.
I’d think twice about a winch, not so much because of the winch but due to the mounting requirements. Unless your vehicle has a hidden winch option the bumper weighs a ton. Disregard if you need the bumper for frontal protection.

Hi-lift jack. Heavy and potentially dangerous. I’ll trade the weight straight across for a floor jack and MaxTrax.

I‘d keep the 33” tires for my vehicle.


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Weight is certainly the most overlooked aspect of overlanding. I am in the wrangler community and. I am amazed how many people immediately put the vehicle over the gvwr. Steel bumpers, winch, roof rack, big tires and you are overweight.

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The bumper and winch can be an issue. My front bumper and winch were carefully weighed and the removed origional parts subtracted. Winch rope saves almost 20#. The changover added 100# I added new front springs w/new shocks to compensate and lift a bit. I also lost 35# myself, does that get counted?
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