Rebelle Rally 2019

Any one here have a significant other competing this year? My wife is #122 Team Anyway. First time for my wife, her teammate competed in the first one. What an awesome event. Been following along on the live tracking - (yelling at the screen doesn't seem to help them find the Check Points). Really proud of them, and all the competitors. Sure ain't easy, and lots of long days, but it looks like so much fun. Quite the production to put it all together, quite impressive, and they do an incredible job.

Really surprised there isn't more chatter about it here, especially considering they sponsor this sub-forum.

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Ray Hyland

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How did they do? I haven't been paying attention for a few days so I need to catch up with the results, we have so many friends in it this year.

I think my wife may do it next year.

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They did great ! What an experience for everyone involved. As I've gotten much more informed watching my wife prepare and compete I'm really impressed with the whole event. The effort it takes to set up and run something like this incredible. Just dealing with all the Gov't agencies is a major accomplishment. They really do a great job making sure everyone is safe and well fed, then they grind the hell out of them all day

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I just learned of the Rebelle (I guess I have been living under a rock). Anyone looking for a team mate? I want to get started in this but don't have the cash or team to put it all together for this year. What I DO have is skills and the commitment to be on a team!!! Nav skills and offroad skills. Lots of savy and grit.
And can put a good portion of $$ towards it. Please shout me out if you seriously are looking for your #2 person!!!


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I would like to hear some post event thoughts from anyone who competed or helped.
I have a couple of friends who want to do this next year and since it ain't cheap I want to gather as much info as possible.
Well, I can't help with first hand experience, other than following along as best as I could via the live streams, live tracking, etc. I would definitely say to connect to the Facebook group and I'm sure they will fill you in as best as they can. Wife competed this year, know a couple of other competitors and a few of the people that were working throughout, many have been involved every year, and everyone is always thrilled to have been a part of it. Watching the effort it takes to set the event up and all that they do to make it a challenging, safe and quality competition, I'm really impressed with the whole program.

It's definitely about the teams and their team work. Having a capable vehicle is a plus but not critical, the 4x4 class was won the year by a bone stock Lexus, and the Cross-over class by the Rolls Royce (when was the last time a RR won anything off-road related). Obviously navigation skills are critical but so are driving skills and basic route finding. Being able to work as a team in very stressful conditions is a must. You're going to go the wrong way, miscalculate a checkpoint, get stuck in the sand. You've got to work through that and get to the next thing.