REAR mounted winch under pickup truck bed Dodge Cummins

In response to the spare tire(s) question. That's been an issue for awhile now, and has changed quite a bit. While im running 42" tires, a full size spare wouldn't even come close to fitting under the bed, which is why I felt okay cutting the spare hand cranked winch out initially. In this first picture you can see how I kept the spare strapped down with MaxxTrax over top of them. But that takes up a huge amount of bed space. Now im running a Decked sliding drawer system back there and the spare sits on top... also strapped down. This still takes ALOT of precious room. I don't like the idea of putting that much weight on the roof rack I occasionally run over the cab. Ive considered the swinging spare bumper route but would require me doing more fabrication to be able to use the winch back there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks