Rear bumper storage for misc. fluids/dirty stuff


I've always got a jug of diesel additive in my van, which, almost never seals well and if i keep it inside usually spills a bit. that, plus for longer trips i'm looking to carry some extra oil. I'm trying to think up ideas to carry my additive, oil, or whatever else on my rear bumper. I've got two swing outs, one with a sideways mounted jerry can holder, one with a tire. pretty basic bumper besides that. was thinking of mounting an ammo can to the jerry can holder, but wanted to see if anyone had some ideas before i commit.


I usually carry extra fluids in a 2 gallon zip lock bag that I store under my seat. If the bottle has been opened I'll vacuum pack it. Never had any issues with leaking to date.

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i'd go Tupperware/ Rubbermaid simply on weight savings. how hard do you plan on slamming something that a burst can of oil would be your biggest concern? both companies make about a bajillion sizes, too.



then just tuck the container into the odd spots where nothing else can live. could always pack a ziplock of speedy dri in the same container, too.

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I've been using an Ammo Can on my trailer to store my Diesel Additives and the nozzles for the Gas and Diesel Fuel cans.. also has a pack of cheap disposable harbor freight gloves in it for those times a Diesel Handle is so nasty looking I know I'll be smelling it on my hands for hours if I dont use one.. I also keep a bypass funnel for the misfueling guard, because every once and a while I find an Auto Diesel pump w/a Gas Nozzle installed.. I'd remove the misfueling guard but I'm not the only driver of this vehicle so it stays.

As soon as I crack the seal the smell of diesel oil is heavy in the air, it does a good job of sealing the smells in but I'd still prefer to have it mounted externally incase one of the bottles I pre-measure the additive into leaks.. I keep the containers and refill em, but every once and a while i spill a little bit on outside of the container.
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diesel is nasty. I never could understand how oil burner technicians can do their job. and most of the ones I know still smoke cigarettes. guess none of us is gonna live forever.