Rear ambulance doors seal well enough?


Wire twister
Any ambo fans out there, do those rear doors seal well?
We were dreaming up ideas for the truck we're working on, and thought it would be neat to have rear opening doors, sometimes. But, do they seal well enough to keep out dust? I don't know where I'd find something like that anyway, but maybe it's worth a shot.
Our build is using an old box truck box. It's not really that old, but the rear is currently wide open. Planning to close it up with FRP. The rear area is flexible storage for bins, and the shelves can be removed and a bunk put up in their place. All mounted on Unistrut. So we can take them out and store a few bikes, or larger items. We bring paragliding gear with us all the time, and inflatable paddleboards, and that kind of thing that can take up large amounts of space sometimes. And having a bunk for our daughter who only joins us occasionally is nice, too.
But add a door back there that we can open up and get fresh air, or move mountain bikes in and out, that would be so sweet.
So, are those doors good enough to keep out dust? Even my current van lets some dust in the back doors.



Been down all sorts of dirty roads in my ambulance. They are seal very well. Can't have dust and crap getting into wounds right?