Real world experience with AEV High Capacity JKU springs (or other HD springs)


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Happy Monday,

After about 4 years of my Rock Krawler springs, its time to look for an upgrade, the RTT and all the other overland gear (and I am sure a big ol heavy 40 on the tire carrier isn't helping either) I am seeing some sag and signs of bowing....

Does anyone have opinions on their experience with the AEV High Capacity springs? looking at the 4.5 inch ones, but will take all opinions.... the jeep is always 70% loaded, set to go at a moments notice, so it will never be truly 'unloaded'.....

If there are other springs out there that you believe may also work I am all ears.....



No experience with AEV but I played with the Terraflex HD springs and they were way stiff and gave me crazy lift which didn't settle with load.

Next I went with OME 300# springs and they are amazing. They keep the jeep fairly 'flat' even with load changes. Even when I hookup the trailer there is only slight movement downwards.

I also like the way they rise - suspension is very responsive. Oh yeah.... I have rear OME springs 2.25" and front Rubicon springs with a spacer.


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I considered OME, but was hesitant about the 4" springs not being able to give enough lift for my setup, typically not their forte to be in that high, but its how i've set myself up!

I decided to bite the bullet on the AEV 4.5's and will let everyone know how it works out!


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Following. I’m running RK 2.5 (which is more like 3.5 front and 2.25 rear). Interested to see how the AEVs suit your need. I’m running a similarly heavy setup but 35’s on stock Rubicon axles with MCE flares so I don’t need the lift you do.

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I've been running the 4 1/2" HC springs for over a year now and I'm very happy with them. Typically I'm loaded down about the same, fairly heavy rig. I tried other setups, but they would sag or bottom out frequently.

No complaints at all, I'm on Currie axles and currently running 37's.
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Thanks guys.....

Installed is lined up for the 3rd week of August at this point, looking forward to the results, thanks for your input and I will make sure to provide a thorough review


I am also running the 4.5" AEV HC coils. My Teraflex 4"s were sagging, even before I installed my RTT, as I run heavy most of the time. Only have had them a couple of months but love them so far.