Real time help needed - how to get to the Arctic ocean near Prudhoe Bay?

ExPo members, my wife and I are about a month into our drive from AZ to Alaska to Argentina, and have hit our first real roadblock (literally) when trying to reach our northernmost point in Prudhoe Bay. We are currently in Fairbanks, AK, about to head north tomorrow.

We had done research and knew that you need advance permits through the oil companies tours to reach the Arctic Ocean in Prudhoe. Most websites list the tour season as mid-to-end of September. No problem (or so we thought), except that we found out that they stopped the tours sometime between 9/1 - 9/10/12.

Anybody have other suggestions or know somebody up there? We are looking to dip our toes in the ocean, so we need a "private" tour, helicopter, truck, or trail that we can complete our overland route. We are staying in a motel in Prudhoe on September 18th. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Jeff Yaeger


hello jeff
we went with a tour with artic caribou inn,maybe check there.years ago went on a supercub ride and landed on the beach of artic ocean so maybe check at the airport.
just ask around,someone may know a person to take you thru the gates
good luck

Christian P.

Expedition Leader
Staff member

I have never been there but I have had luck in the past in a similar situation by going straight to the airport and talking with the pilots there.

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