Range Rover Diesel Conversion Take 2


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Engine swap part two underway. I decided I wanted more room and I wanted to redo my engine mounts before I out the new engine in.

I have had a GM 6.2 in my Range Rover for almost a year. And it was a bit of a hurried install. Lots of work. While I like the motor. An opportunity to buy a 6.5 turbo diesel out of a 2002 bus. It has a center mounted turbo. Upgraded stronger block and better flowing heads.

I started by cutting out the front cross member. Boxing in the frame and welding in a new piece of 2x4 tubing.

Monday will be the rebuilding of the engine mounts and plating the frame. I'm.moving them up about 2 inches higher in the frame.

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Turn up the fuel screw 1/4 degrees,
make mechanical turbo controller with spring to boost 6lb
And make sure u have LARGE RADIATOR To keep it cool.
Oh and this engine is 800lb, make sure the coil springs are up to the job , old man emu heavy duty springs won’t do the job.
I used Ford F-350 springs on mine.


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I may change springs later on. Right now I have a 2" spacer lift and HD OME springs. They seem to be holding it up just fine. I'll probably truss the front axle though. Its a little more weight than standard, I don't need a bent axle. Or I may go with Dana 60's front and rear. Time will tell. I'd like to run 35's on it eventually.

I'm building my own wastegate controller out of the stock vacuum unit. Going to set it for around 10 psi. Then I'll add an intercooler later on. I think stock boost is around 6 psi.

I still need to adjust the fuel after rebuilding the pump. That's the one mistake I made. Not knowing where it was originally set. But the manual has that info and I'll figure it out.

I have a 4 core aluminum radiator, but I think I'm going to need something larger. Still looking at options, been playing with the idea of doing dual radiators, and big mercedes electric fans.


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I got it to run, but its idling way to high. So either I screwed something up rebuilding the pump, or I need to set the fuel better. But it sounds better than the 6.2 I had in it

I also somehow mirrored the video on my phone. So I now have a right hand drive.



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I don't really care about AC. I don't want to even mess with it. I like the simplistic engine compartment, I hate clutter, so it'll probably never get AC
Make sure to also build manual glow plugs heater using ford starter solenoid and momentary switch, super easy to do and makes the system bulletproof.