Random Snow Rig Pics

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Hill Bill E.

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A few from todays Ice Races. (my clubs annual, informal, play on the frozen lake day)

Steve with his 'Traveling trophies'-He took first in both the 'road course' and the 'drags'

Diggin holes-I slid off the track in one of the turns:

Broke an axle while playing between the road course and the ice drags:

I did take second place in both the drags and road course:victory:

My 'Trophy':

All in all a great day, temp was around 20*F and the wind was light.

Hill Bill E.

Oath Keeper
Oh yeah, before anyone catches the Hi-Lift handle leaning back, there's no weight on the Hi-Lift, the Jeep is sitting on the tire.

I have "T" holes cut into my bumper, and the Hi-Lift is just standing there in that pic.

I know it's bad to leave the handle anywhere but full upright when there is a load on the jack.




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This vehicle is having fun and it's just sitting in my driveway.