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Scenic WonderRunner

In the spirit of the season...

How about we try a..."Random SNOW RIG Pic" ...thread.

Show us Your Rig in the snow. Campsite snow pics. I would even like to hear what gear guys take for the snow but that probably belongs in another thread subject.

Hum.....is it possible to have a random pic thread with a theme? We shall see!:elkgrin:

Imogene..... Sept. '06...


On the way to Duck Creek Village, Utah in a Blizzard!.... Dec. '04

On the hwy just east of Cedar City, Utah up the mtn. Same area as above. Stock tires....no lift.
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Colorado '99

I can't believe it's mid December in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - no snow and 10 C / 50 F temperatures for the past week. Not complaining - I've had my Land Rover out a few times and put the Christmas lights up without the usual frostbite etc.

I've attached a few photos from a trip I did with a buddy of mine from Peyton, Colorado. Highlight of this trip was a frosty hike and over-nighter at Ice Lake. Not a bad blizzard - even by Canadian standards - on the way down Californa pass as well....



Zion March 2006

These pics are from March 2006 in Zion National Park near Springdale, Utah of the Mazda Tribute that 3 friends and I piled into to travel out West in over our Spring Break...


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Expedition Leader
winter wheeling and camp out pics from last january brrrrr!

My rig has never seen snow LOL! :suning:


2005 ARB Taco on our 2006 Christmas Tree run

Waiting for a non-Christmas Tree Run vehicle to get unstuck

Xterra enjoying the winter weather

More Photos Here
rim road above payson, az dec. 1 '06

Randy, did you and Linda not get enough of cold weather camping in Death Valley days before that picture?? :violent-smiley-031:

Bet, you were glad to have a hot shower after that!!

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Whipsaw Trail, BC (None of these are my truck, by the way)

This would be my truck. Lake Isabell Trail, WA



One of my favorites from a few years back.

Some series coolness:

My wife driving (me walking behind with the camera), courtesy of Jamil.
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