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pwc said:
Quilomene area, central Washington

Same area. Can you find the 3 dirty Rovers?
Wow!! Being a fellow Washingtonian, I will have to do some research and explore that area someday. Great photos!:bowdown:

~steven b~


Let me know if you want some trail info or track logs. It's a great area to explore and pretty easy (this was a family trip). Only the LR3 got stuck. :(

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Thanks! Ithink it was about a 30 second shot, or maybe 15 judging from the star movement. We attched the camera to a telescope tripod (never did get teh telescope all the way out), held it in place while painting the trucks with headlamps


Expedition Leader
British Ferret MK i worked on a few years back. Boy was this fun to drive around the neighborhood. 42 Willy's MB Slatgrill in front of it.


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