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West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
And a few not so current shots of my 13, 4WD's: 1949 Willys at Point Sal, CA in 1965

Monument Valley, June 1971:

stuck in quicksand, Salt Creek, Canyonlands UT, 1970:

South of Puertocitos, Baja, 1973:

same rig with ConFer Toyota jeep trailer winter, 1974:

1980 International Harvester Scout Traveler with factory Nissan 3.3L turbo diesel near Lizard Head Pass, CO, 1987:

1982 Jeep CJ-8 with stuff in Helldorado Canyon, Moab, 1990's:

Same rig with 1967 Viet Nam War issue jeep trailer, La Crescenta, CA, 2002:

In the little Sluice, Rubicon, 1999:

CJ-8 going to new owner, Nevada City, CA, 2015:

1999 Jeep XJ, lockers, with 1955 Bradley utility trailer and pintel, 2012:

XTC with trailer on the Mojave Road, 2014:

Mengel Pass rock garden, Death Valley, 2015:

Goler Wash, Death Valley, CA up the water fall, 2015:

swimming upstream during a flashflood, Panamint Valley, 2015:
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