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Not my rig, but I was doing the shooting. A beauty of a build - quite often he's got a massive stack of additional rotopax gas cans and his RTT mounted up top and is off roaming the BC back-country.

loving this Jeep build by e j, on Flickr
Do you have any more info on the rotopax holder? I've been thinkibg about fabbing a gas can holder on that section but that rotopax setup looks solid.

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Recommended books for Overlanding



Since I'm traveling home for the holidays I thought to put up my Xmas lights a little early this year.

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1st outing with a new to me 04 Disco II, had her about 2 weeks. Traveled with a local Landrover group, great bunch of guys.


The group heading back to the highway the next day



Apparently you didn’t see the thread where we learned that RTTs explode when you stand or kneel on them

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Recommended books for Overlanding

Into Africa
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Great shot. Is he a member on here? Every time I see a LR3 it makes me want one but I just cant seem to get myself to fully trust em for some reason.
he is on here but he isn't active at all. Doesn't even remember his username lol
but from what he has told me, he really hasn't had many issues with it at all. And itll do some pretty rough trails. It surprised both of us out on the KAT for sure
but I agree with you the past history of land rovers with electrical issues, motor issues, etc. scares me away too. Only reason I wont get a disco I or II