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bootzilla said:
I can't get over how much that looks like a Mitsubishi Montero - is there a relation between the two?
I don't think there is any relation between the two, but I guess the Nissan Patrol does look like the older boxy Montero. The front though I think looks a lot different. However I have not seen an older Montero in a while.



Dave Druck [KI6LBB]
Ok, here are some of mine...

Shot of my XJ out at Calico CA in Lower Doran Canyon

The Kaiser M715 Army truck going through the water trap in Gorman/ Hungry Valley OHV, CA(not much of a challenge)

Panamint Valley CA

Leading back to camp when the trail boss decided to make a wrong turn.
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Scenic WonderRunner

FIRE & ICE....! ....all in one trip! Sept. 2006

Campsite.....Valley of the Gods, Utah

Doin' Imogene in a snow storm!

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damn! entertaining great pictures!!!!
I really like the one with snow covered brown mountains and a line of vehicles on the way to them - nice shot!

can I play too?


Opssss. I just reread the first post!! None of those trucks are mine but i was along on all of the trips. :) once my truck is on the road, I'll have more pictures of it.