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cEnd of an Era beginning of a new Era

Well a few months ago our Beloved Beagle Bentley Past away after 16 faithful years. I really haven't even been able to talk about it till now. I'm getting a little choked up as I write..... Anyway after many years of traveling around with us despite his true desires of short walks around the block (a big day out in his mind) or enjoying the comfort of our plush leather sofa instead of of his own ground level 10" thick dog bed. He somehow managed to get his lazy bones up to go Canoeig, sailing, hiking (although he would sometimes go so far as to lay down and not get up, and force us to carry him out if he felt the hike was to long LOL), and what ever other crazy adventures we could get him into. Here are few of him on Our sea Pearl sailing In the Gulf of Mexico. The second is with my sisters dog Teddy (nothing better then a boat load of Beagles!!!

The past few months he was alive we would take him to the dog beach regularly. Although he was now to old to play with the other dogs, we would sit with him on the cool sand and love him. He loved just sitting there looking out over the water watching the other dogs play while the breeze would blow his big floppy ears back and the suns rays would warm his heart. People would come by with their puppies and talk with us about how old he was. We would tell stories of his adventures, explain that he wasn't long for this world, that our main goal was to enjoy what little time we had left with him, and thank god for sending us such a wonderful friend.

Well After 3 months we got with Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue. They set us up last wednesday with 2 Beagles Travis and Bagle (yes Bagle pronounced Bagel don't ask) Any way we couldn't make up our minds so today My wife went to their bimonthly adoption event and brought home Travis. Our new to us perfectly healthy 1 year old Beagle. He is a small little guy in comparison to Bentley. His first day today has been a long one. He rode in a trailer 25 miles to the event. My wife scooped him up and he came to the canoe shop. He met my dads dogs and my family and about 100 other customers. Then went home for a bit, met the cats and got the lay of the land. Then he came back to work and waited there after work while my wife and I went to church. We scooped him up on the way home and have just arrove. I got his crate set up he dove right in and is ready to hit the hay. Poor little guy few asleep on my lap in the truck coming home. He's probably thinking dog gone it what kind of crazies did the rescue people set me up with! Anyway he is now sound asleep on Bentleys old bed in his crate no doubt ready for what ever adventures he find himself into tomorrow. So with out any further ado Travis!

Is it possible to not love a face like that!!!

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I get to take Max to the office with me every day - and I am very thankful for that! Here are some pics of a party the office threw for Max - just because. Made my eyes leak...

Here is his Sushi lunch, German Chocolate (of course) Cake (for the bi-peds in the office) and Max showing off after stuffing himself.


My buddy's Chihuahua, Harley at Pismo.

I dog sat my other friends' puppies. Styker is the yellow lab and Roscoe is the black lab.

Recommended books for Overlanding