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Tim and Kelsey get lost..
Zipper or Greta Von Zipper for long. I grew up with Retreivers, BUT
Great dog, I didn't want a shar-pei. I wanted a German Shephard, but I fell for this dog so much. We didn't tell her she was a shar-pei and she would hike with me or pull me on my skateboard. Most in shape litte shar-pei ever!!
Can't wait to have a dog again.


last june in Silverton, CO while we were packing up camp. Got up early and Jack (almost 2 at the time) was still sleeping and our dog didn't seem to mind. He woke up right after the tent and gear was all stowed away.

This is Bruce watching a dog show:



Shira the landshark

On the trail


My feet?!?!d Where are my feet?!?!

Shira is my 2 year old pound puppy...~60 lbs and a purebred goofball...


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slooowr6 said:
[hijack on]

[\hijack off]
Really, he thinks he's a dog, he plays fetch, well sort of. :ylsmoke:
hijack con..
Right on!!! Your cat sounds just like mine!


hijack off

Tucson T4R

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My old buddy who I miss every day..........

Our new dude who also thinks he's a dog......

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Recommended books for Overlanding