Random dog shots


Here is our dog Bruce, we got him from the Local Humane Society. He was rescued from a pound in Mexico at about 6mos. of age and brought up here (he came with the name from Mexico which I thought was pretty funny). He had a mangled deformed front leg that he wasn't useing, so they ended up raising the funds to have it amputated. We took him home about a month after his surgery. His fur was still shaved really close and you could see where the staples had been. They told us he is a whippet mix. He is super fast, you can't tell he is missing a leg when he runs.

here he is trying to get the hunting dogs on tv

him sharing his beddie with my son while we were breaking down camp early in the morning near Silverton. It was about 40degrees out and they both slept like that for about an hour, just long enough to get packed up!



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A lot of you have already met my mentally challenged (but overloaded with heart) buddy Monty. He hates riding in the truck, but he usually likes to go camping (though those of you present on the last night of the 06 Trophy will probably beg to differ). Monty is a pure bred Yellow lab that was picked up when he was only about 9weeks old as a birthday present for eachother from my ex and I. We got him from a little old lady breeder that lived out in the middle of nowhere about halfway to the California border from Phoenix. He will be 3 years old in August. I did somehow manage to gain custody of him in the break up.......... Lucky me:rolleyes:

And this one I put up for Brian, just so everyone can see that Oliver has proven that a 50lb dog is actually the perfect size for a lap dog.

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A couple of shots from a 2 week trip in BC in the mountains around Lillooet.
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  1. Carter, our pure-bred Humane Society dog
  2. Gypsy & Carter drinking from the camelback on a hike
  3. Chuy & Carter; the reindoggies
  4. Gypsy & Carter; the snow doggies
  5. the baby Carter after a long camping trip

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Abo - Oliver's lost brother?

We've had Abo for about a year. We rescued him from the Animal Shelter here in Belen, NM; and named him after Abo Canyon near our home. His color matches the walls of the inner canyon, plus it's a neat place and he's a neat dog. We don't know anything about his breed for certain, but he sure looks like he could be Oliver's brother! Abo loves to run, loves to swim in the Rio Grande, and likes expeditions.

Abo at 0:00:00

Abo at 0:00:00 +.01!

Hopefully we'll get the two of them together someday.

Howard L. Snell

mcvickoffroad said:
Here's Oli !

Several of you have met Oliver!
Oliver is about about 3 years old and we've had him since he was 5 weeks old and 3 pounds!
His breed is certified Coconut Retriever! We got him on the island of St. Thomas and raised him on the island of St.Croix. .....




We got Plato at the pound when he was aprox 1.5 years old.
Best dog I've ever had.
He came to us house broken, doesn't chew anything up, is very well mannered with the kids, and loves to go exploring.
His only vices are he sheds and if you feed him before a roadtrip, you'll be wearing it.​



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Here's Calamaridog:

Sharing her toy
Playing in the snow
Wheeling trip

She's a mutt and also from the shelter


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What a GREAT thread!

Ok here are a few of my boy Max - The Mighty Bavarian Shepherd. His ear is lop sided because a vet was a little careless in treating a blood blister. I neutered the vet... Max can also be seen in his full ear glory in "BEST HIKES WITH DOGS / Colorado on page 21!!!