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Montana........found him 2 1/2 years ago with 3 bullets in him. Bestest friend ever..........

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Yep....I have a rescued basset hound (mistreated like a piece of garbage he was). when you get a dog that's been messed w/ and you take good care of them, they love you like no other dog would. My dog trust me to the ends of the earth, he was so mistreated he had a hard time trusting that even his food would be there, but now he's my best Friend and I think I'm his. There is nothing like meeting up w/ a good dog and building that relationship.
Good for you....taking care of a mistreated pooch. I'm always amazed when I see a mistreated dog. How can a person look into those eyes that totally trust and not do your best for them?
I tell ya if things go 'south' for my dog and I ......we're splitting that cat 50/50 for dinner....plus I'll have to cook....and most likely do the dishes!
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Roxy has a new mini me. :sombrero:

Rico is Mini Schnauzer we picked up a couple months ago. They get along great and it's a riot watching them play together.



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My first post in this thread was back in 2009, quoted below. I've had my two pups by my side 24/7 since 2003. Take them everywhere, all the time!

Last Friday night my Aussie, "Guinness" was playing with my 6mo old daughter 100% normal, ate dinner normal, came to bed and slept on my feet like every night for the last 10 years.

I was dreaming that night about taking the whole family to the giant dog park the next morning. Jumped out of bed at 5am because the house seemed just a bit too quiet. Guinness had passed away in his sleep! :-( Laying in one of his normal sleeping spots like nothing was wrong!

The most common thing people used to say was "how old is your puppy?" To which I had to reply....10 years! He still ran, played and acted like a happy little pup. His death was very sudden and extremely unexpected! It's been a crushing week!

Please, take a moment to go love your pups while you can!!!


.....and Foster!



Really sorry for your loss. At least it sounds like Guinness lived a great life, didn't suffer at the end, and passed peacefully in a familiar comfortable spot with his family. I can't imagine how I'd be feeling if I lost Huckleberry so I really feel for you man.


A little photography humor.......

Just had our first daughter two days ago and was at the park and taking family pictures.

....no.....not VW family pictures...... :sombrero:


So first picture......DOH....wrong light settings....but got both dogs, (note the happy Australian Shepard :wink:) but wife and baby are too dark.

...adjust the settings....use a little flash. Got the wife...CRAP...Aussie laid down :(

Walked around th van, "Whipped out the training commands and MADE the Aussie sit where I wanted :victory: "

....not very happy with me is he? :coffeedrink:

This series and the commentary are priceless....


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Thanks guys!:)

Last thing I want to do is bring this wonderful thread down. Just wanted to share that the loss of a great family member can happen when you least expect it....SO GO LOVE YOUR PUPS WHILE YOU CAN!!!:sombrero:

I still have my wolf hybrid Foster and am trying to enjoy every moment with him! Haven't left him alone yet since the passing of Guinness, the Aussie! We have a new favorite spot to sit under a nice shady tree in my yard.....a spot with new meaning now ;-/


Camping just a two weeks before the Aussie passed.....one of my favorite pics...(does this look like a pup about to go to sleep and not wake up?......go love your pups NOW!!:))

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Capturing black labs are difficult....unless you're in snow or water. Meet Dillinger. One of the best dogs I ever had (lost him to an ex in a breakup).

I also occassionally foster retired police K-9s before they either find a new job elsewhere or find their forever home. Here is Ringo, a Belgian Mal (giant one, ~90lbs). He eventually went to Lander Co, NV (I think) after he retired locally.