Ramsey Winch Troubleshooting


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I have an older Ramsey REP 9000 winch that I'm trying to get working. When I hooked up the power leads to the battery, I have 2 problems:

1) Solenoid clicks without input from remote (remote wasn't even hooked up).

2) "A" wire was shorting to the case and started to smoke.

I did a little troubleshooting on the solenoids, and there's intermittent connectivity between the +12V from battery to the terminals for the A wire when the solenoid has no power. So that tells me the solenoids are bad. This also explains why the A wire was getting power when the remote wasn't triggering the solenoids.

So that brings me to problem 2. There's continuity between the A terminal on the motor and the case. And there's no continuity between the F1 terminal and the case, same with F2. So I'm assuming that the A terminal should not have continuity between the case. Can anyone confirm? Also, how do I remove the end of the case on a Ramsey winch? This one doesn't want to budge.20170708_115825.jpg20170708_115845.jpg


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I just did an internet search for ramsey winch trouble shooting.... many, many links..don't be so lazy


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Thanks Verkstad for you help.

verdesard0g, I've been searching for the past week, and couldn't find it, so thanks for nothing.


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With 3 total post you say that?
Ramsey winches are not popular, no one can trouble shoot effectively over the internet. You need schematics, proper tools and hands on for that. Also some knowledge of electricity and mechanical engineering helps too.
I did find a plethora of info on the net concerning ramsey winches, if someone is so lazy they can't do their own research...well too bad.


With 3 total post you say that?
He's not the newbie here....YOU are. And YES your post came off douchey. I have no problem with the OP coming on here asking for help.

And OP, if you haven't figured it out by now....call Ramsey, I had to trouble shoot a REP 9000 back in the day and they were very helpful over the phone.

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