Rampage versus Trektop - any owner's with feedback?

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I am replacing the soft top on my LJ - want a frame-less modular top, that leaves only two: the Rampage top and the TrekTop. Looking for feedback from those who have experience with one or both. I think that I know which one I am going to get but want to know what those with them have experienced.



I just bought the Best Top. On the LJ the storage pocket for the windows is useless on the Rampage, it would require folding the windows.
The Best Top doesn't provide storage either but it is in my opinion a better quality top. It comes complete with everything you need to install it. The windows are nice and clear it's almost like looking through glass. Driving in the rain at speed the rear window stays dry and gives excellent visibility. I am going to do some trail running this weekend so we will see how it responds to dust.
I do find it difficult to install as the fit is very tight. Make sure you install it for the first time in the sun and let it warm up it will be easier to work with.


One thing I am a little disappointed with is when it rains the arched support causes the water to run off over the door. So you can't get in or out of the vehicle without getting drenched...


The Bestop is better quality, however I have seen both leak. The Trek top leaks on the new JK's too fwiw. lol


The topped worked well for the its intend use. Any of these frameless tops leak a little and stretch. Softtopper has been around for years making tops for trucks. I sold my LJ a while back and kept the top. If your interested in a used one drop me a PM.


I had a Rampage top on my '13 JK and on my '00 TJ (back when they were made by Viking). I have no complaints- both tops fit tight as a drum, I loved how I could switch to a safari top in just a few mins, and they were quiet on the road during long trips. The only issues I ever had was on the TJ- one of the back buckles snapped when I first installed it (operator error) and one morning after an ice storm, the back window cracked when trying to remove the ice. Viking sent me a new window for free.

I would recommend the Rampage top to anyone. I don't have any experience with the TrekTop, though.


I have the Trektop NX on my JK.
It's a great top, but it is tight. It has gotten easier over the summer, but I mostly use it as a bikini top and only zip in the windows when the weather turns bad, so whe cooler weather always makes it a struggle.

Visually I like that the support straps for the Trektop run under the windows, where the Rampage ones run on the outside.

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