Ram skid plate


Recently purchased a '19 ram CC, 5.7 L. Due to the factory shaving weight off of everything, it has no TC skid plate.
Has anyone found a high clearance one, that they would recommend, preferably in aluminum?

Ducky's Dad

You could probably fit skid plates from a Power Wagon. Should be easy if yours is a 2500. Probably doable on a 1500, maybe.


Dreaming Ape
If your Ram is a 1500 DT (5th generation, not "classic" 2019 4th gen) they list four skid plates as part of the off road package. One of them is this transfer case skid plate - that part number comes with the bolts, the bolt holes are already in your truck.

If your Ram is a 2019 Classic 4th gen DS 1500 i'll have to dig more for the part number, it includes a new crossmember to hold the back of the skid plate.

If your ram is not a 1500.. I don't know as much about HD Rams.

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Sorry, when I posted this morning, I was still on my first cup of joe.
It's a gen 5, 1500.
What about aftermarket? Just want to consider the options!
Check out Maple Offroad and Dethloff Manufacturing. Both have different skids available for 2500. OE Power Wagon skids was a great suggestion, too.


Dreaming Ape
He's got a 1500 so the 2500 bits, including Power Wagon skid probably aren't going to apply. Somebody did figure out how to get Power Wagon gas tank guards onto a 1500 using an extra crossmember to support them...

The path of least resistance is of course to use the OE skid plate that Ram sells for this exact purpose.
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