RAM mounts for 5th gen T4R


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Does anyone know of an easy way to utilize ram mounts in the 5th gen?

I’d like to mount my iPad mini, phone, to pro and a few other things.

In my 15 taco I had the Bird Dawg a tech Deck and I see that you can get the TPAM mount for 3rd gen tacos. But I haven’t found a solution for 5th gen 4Runners. Any help would be really appreciated!


I use the suction cup version of the Ram mount. I know some people say to avoid those, but I've had mine constantly attached to my windshield for 1-2 years now. It only fell off once; i cleaned the window and the suction cup, put it back on haven't had a problem since.

I understand the utility of a more permanent attachment method, but if you want the ability to add or remove mounts, the Ram suction mount works very well.

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I used the metal two screw bases on my 2018 4R ORP. One is mounted is same spot as link for iPhone using x mount. The other is placed on side of transmission tunnel housing for the iPads mount.