Ram 2500 06 Mega Cab Build


I love the bumper, it is heavy and a bit overkill, but I think it is cool and provides a number of options for mounting light bar etc. I upgraded the suspension , added a bunch of weight to the front. I am sure some would advise that it is better to minimize the weight that far in front of the axle.


Update to Thread
Added much needed 40 lbs lifting Struts.
Side awning
Yakima Racks
Put Engle Fridge in and temp wired it in. Getting a .5 draw, not sure if it is the fridge wiring. i will disconnect today and check it out.
Installed a second group 24 agm, kept the older one in place, mismatched, might be causing the draw?
Put a victron battery monitor in place, just using bluetooth, will mount in the cabinet later. Need to figure out a good location.

Next steps are Solar and Charge controller.

I purchased a lithium kit for the batter, may install this later. Going to monitor my energy usage for a bit and see how many days with out moving we can do. If I can do 2.5 days in summer, without moving , may just stick with AGM and sell Lithium.

Also need to add Boxes below the bed, and trailer hitch for bikes, need to get some more storage going.



Nice build.
I’m starting to plan a similar setup, on a quad cab though. ‘06 4x4

I’m really looking hard at the pcor flatbed. I just can’t get confirmation it will fit the gen3 frame.

I’m looking at putting a flat side Hallmark on it.

Curious. Where did you install the Engel? In the cab? I run an Engel in my Land Rover. And though about moving it to the cab of the truck when the time comes.


Hallmark should be great, sometimes wish we went with a foam insulated camper, lots of heat loss in the winter.

We put the Engle in the camper, 1 night with it so far seem quiet enough, power draw is not too bad been monitoring with battery monitor, hoping we can get 2.5 days on battery without solar

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went to the border to get the sentri pass for the truck , but found out you can't bring a camper through the fast line


Fridge in the camper, hawk shell with the side dinette , fridge between dinette and near back of cab, under where the bed pulls outIMG_3624.jpeg


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I will start by saying that I did not drive the truck a ton before doing the upgrade, and it had some serious issues before the work. Below 65 the truck drives amazing, it was super bouncy before to the point of being annoying to drive and I love just cruising now. have not had it in the dirt yet, but im running over tons of stuff that i can find and it absorbs the hits amazingly well. Now On smooth highway 65-75 is fine, on a bumpier road it gets a little bouncy. Hard to say if it is just me being new to the upgrade/truck and I am overfocused on it, or it needs a little more tweaking. Breaking the transmission in , so I will take it back to the shop to see if we can adjust the ride a bit. I think the springs are a little heavier to offset the winch and the eventual camper for the back, so that might have something to do with it. It is a long wheel base and empty..

I'll put some more miles on and off road and update the thread, have a few bigger trips planned.
Once you get 37’s run 50psi Fr/45 Rr that smoothed out my ride immediately


Had MULE Expeditions put on some rear work lights. These are super helpful for winter biking in the PNW, it's pitch black when my ride is done.
This is what happens when you fully bite the apple.. Service body conversion, custom camper. 3" Carli suspension system front and rear,Deaver springs with Firestone air bags. Helwig "Big wig" rear sway bar, Borgeson stering box upgrade w/08 steering conversion. Billet trans. Solar,tankless water heater.IMG_1639.JPGIMG_1578.JPGIMG_1666.JPGIMG_1667.JPGIMG_1646.JPGIMG_1643.JPGIMG_1585.JPGIMG_1551.JPGIMG_1535.JPGIMG_1124.JPG Cut and flipped rear 60/40 seat to accomodate fridge slider. the List goes on and on..

Enjoy your build!


super cool, any interior picks of the back? I really like the back step area , that is where mine needs some work. I love the area to move around on the porch, but I don't have recovery options or hitch at the moment and i burried it in the snow a few times and that area caused some issues.
super cool, any interior picks of the back? I really like the back step area , that is where mine needs some work. I love the area to move around on the porch, but I don't have recovery options or hitch at the moment and i burried it in the snow a few times and that area caused some issues.
Its a simple camper really, I only wanted to be able to sit up on the bunk. I can stand up in it hunched over. Im just not a fan of pop up anything. sooner or later they all leak rainwater and in the wind you may as well be in a tent. Thats just my opinion. I also didnt want something as tall as a typical slide in camper.
The back porch is a life saver. Keeps a guy from falling out the back or off the step ladder. Has small doors on both ends to allow longer items to be loaded up. It really is worth doing. I need to shoot some more interior pics. Fully insulated, baltic birch plywood interior,Lights.A Lagun mini desk. Folding bunk I have never folded up so I guess that effort was pointless. Moved the fridge out into the back seat on a slider. The compressor was keeping me awake/. Switch panel is for the solar controller and master "OFF" switches. Fuses for all 12V lights, USB chargers,Box lights and water pump. Tank holds 38 gallons of water. 2000 watt inverter.