Raise Hitch Winch


I went to smaller truck, so front hitch is much lower, so winch is now too low.
The winch uses a plate like this https://www.summitracing.com/parts/cht-31010
On a Nissan Frontier now
I am thinking of welding the plate to a drop hitch, 6 or 8 inches, upside down, so it raises the plate 6 or 8 inches (I think 6 will work).
Dumb question, but I'd like real-world experience not the completely obvious dumb knee-jerk answers that help no one ever... thanks.

The hitches are rated to tow 6,000 lb trailers, or I can get a 16,000lb rated one.
Well,, the winch will pull 9,500lbs and Im sure that is more than a 16,000lb trailer will pull on the hitch. So, if I max out the winch at 9,500 pull, what happens to the drop hitch? (Again, please do not waste out time and forum space with the obvious what-u-think answers, that will not be helpful unless you have tried it first-hand).

I may can go with a 4 inch drop, but the higher I can get it the better, and the more approach angle I will have. I mounted a generator base on a 10 inch drop (rise) hitch, and it works great, but of course is not heavy.

And the reality is I will not be winching myself (5.000 b truck) straight up a tree, so how much force will be on the winch for the normal light-duty 4 wheeling pull, assuming I am not vacuum stuck in a deep mud pit, which I will not be driving in ever?