R50 Pathfinder - mild build

1999.5 Pathy, came stock, auto trans. Had 100.000km on it when I picked it up in the summer.

Lifted 2" with spacers

Got a Yakima load warrior rack with crossbars and extension. OEM rack was too flimsy.

Got a Cobra CB radio with FireFly 3" antenna

Added 2 KC driving lights.

Found permanent locations for fire extinguisher and maglite:

Loaded with a bit of gear:

Tow hook

Currently in the works of finishing up this rig:
Swing out spare tire carrier with 2x jerries.

And lastly, new wheels!!!!

Now time to get out and get dirty!!
Oh, also installed Mile Marker manual hubs and got an aluminium skid plate from 4x4 designs in QC! Not mounted yet but will follow suite very soon!

Future additions will likely consist of roof rack lights, rock sliders and maybe down the road a custom front bumper.

I feel like I'm forgetting some things. Oh I upgraded the headlight bulbs to brighter Philips. Not HID, no worries, I can't stand those in non projector housings.

And lastly, (doing things backwards again) quick intro as I haven't posted much here yet. Mostly on NPORA and I see a lot of guys from there on here too. But now that I have the rig where I wanted it, I'll be starting to get out exploring more.

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Expedition Leader
Welcome from Canada, I do some work in NB each year and want to head out there with my Xterra sometime soon


Was wondering when you were going to come over here. Your PF definitely fits in really well here. :)

I really like what you did with the jerry can holder/swing away. I just can't remember how you mounted it. Is it bolted on underneath or...?
It's a trailer hitch mount. Haven't got around to finish it yet though.
Been on here a little while, just not as active poster as I don't do as much exploring as I'd like at this point so I read every body else's adventures.

Take a look at my rear window decal:



Great looking truck mate. I like all the mods very functional and i think i will steal the Smittybilt seat cover idea :)
Thanks Marty, today I actually made a slight adjustment to it, instead of going over the head rest, I made it just cover the seat, not the headrest. I like it better. Didn't take pics though.

I also added 2 quick fist mounts to store my axe as I mostly use this rig for working in the woods.


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