R50 Nissan Pathfinder vs. Gen3 Mitsubishi Montero vs. Gen3 Toyota 4Runner


Drive each of your options and see what you like. The VQ and general comfort of the interior, plus sturdiness of the driveline swayed me to the R50. Mine has been an excellent truck to say the least.
Dan, if you see anything up in DFW you like I can come and take a look and let you know the condition before you make a drive.


Are you asking about the montero or the montero sport? Totally different rigs so just wanted to clarify. Search for my build thread. I went from a 330i BMW and was looking at the three trucks you mentioned. I opted for the pathfinder due to availability, but honestly I feel like I got lucky. It wheels just as good as a 4runner, has an incredibly solid and durable drive train, and is pretty luxurious as well. I would love to have a roll down tail gate window, though! I've put a 2" lift, some undercarriage protection, and misc small other items and I can go anywhere a stock JKUR(wrangler unlimited rubicon) can, and often times with less struggle.

The one major downside to the pathfinder is atrocious fuel economy, I'm lucky to get 12mpg in the city and 16 on the highway. Not sure where the other two trucks sit in that regard...

If you opt for the R50 do some research on the engine. The VG33 will require a timing belt every 90k, and an automatic transmission VQ35 can have power valve screws back out. It is a 2 hour DIY preventable item solved with some red loc-tite but just something to be aware of.