Quick pitch style vehicle mounted shower enclosures


I'm looking at these quick pitch shower / toilet enclosures, and curious what other's experiences have been. Ideally, I could quickly mount one to my pickup truck rack OR the side of my Intech camper. There are a lot of times when all I need is a quick enclosure for a shower or more often to use my PETT toilet, and setting up the double shower enclosure I have is overkill.

It seems like Quick Pitch came out with this style first: https://backwoodsoverland.com/product/quick-pitch-en-suite/
Then others copied it: 23zero Overland Pro. Tuff Stuff. Ironman. OVS.

Then Eezi Awn and RLD make similar items, but not knock offs like the others

Anyone have any direct experience here?


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What Frenchie said + all the vehicle mounted shower/potty enclosures I've seen are not fully baked. Yeah, if its calm and quite warm they work OK. But throw in wind (typical in the desert west...) and colder temps, typical especially for shoulder months and/or higher elevation camping, and they fall short fast.

Been using the original Porta-Privy with my own mods for 10-years and although it is showing its age after too many uses to count, its still working OK.


I sincerely appreciate the input here gentlemen, very insightful. FrenchieXJ, would you be willing to tell me the brand of the 52" square enclosure that you do like best? No need to mention the brands you sold to others. Also, if by chance you have any pics of your home brew tarp setup, that would be awesome to see as well.


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@cstamm81, you and I must be at the same stage of our builds as I posted a similar question the other day and got a lot of good suggestions from members you might find helpful with specific brands:

It seems I’ve not had good luck with the freestanding models…I don’t bend with the wind. Sounds like similar issues with the new batch of shower ensuites although I’m considering one. Best one I’ve ever used? Larry had a hula hoop with two shower curtains he hung off the side of his camper. 😂👍


@FrenchieXJ i too would like to know your favorite and would like to see what you are talking about with the tarp and spring clamps.

Thank you

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