I know alot of things are on back order, and alot of things are just down right screwed up right now due to Covid and Supply Chains.

Anyways...I have talked to a few different people, and we all reside on the East Coast of Canada. Alot of people come to the conclusion that we should follow the K.I.S.S adage.

That being said, a few of us are not even sure where we can go to see them… no overland expos up here.

we tracked down one company on the East Coast of Canada, but they have zero stock for us to even come look at, or try out in house.

Anyways, can we get some ideas from this community in regards to that?

Also, anyone with disabilities that may like to share opinions or experiences with their roof top tenuts? (Comfort? Ease of use? Climbing the ladder?)

Opinions on trailer mount vs large suv/truck mountin?

Any opinions from those brave souls who have been in the wilder areas of the world? (Africa, South America, Australia)

how safe did you feel inside your tents, whether from the public, weather, or an8mals?

I appreciate any and all information as I pass on a lot of it to the rest of my group.

kind regards


I’ve generally had good luck seeing tents in person in campgrounds, large gatherings, or by posting for specific models and asking if someone is willing to show theirs off.

East Coast ofCanada? Good luck. I would imagine it is difficult to find stock supplies of many items there. At least you have easy access to Labatts.

All the normal pros and cons apply there as well as here (California). I might be more concerned about 2 things there… being up high in the wind is an advantage here because the wind is hot. Not as good where the wind is cold. I’m guessing there are many more places where you are height restricted by overhead trees and might have trouble opening the tent. That is rare here, but it happens.

I haven’t left the western US with my tent. It feels pretty good and safe with respect to people and animals, it is deeply threatened by parking garages.

I’ve had it on top of the Jeep and on a trailer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Overall, I like the trailer (current configuration) but might put a small tent on the Jeep again someday, as it isn’t always fun to deal with hauling the trailer everywhere.


Thanks for the info Folks.

In regards to the East Coast master Dealer...well If it comes right down to it I may end up heading down to NJ.

As for getting stuff in Canada it is a joke....Skid plates for my Pro4X was 1100$ cad...shipping 945$ CAD....It is hard getting anything to be stocked around here. Between all of the people I talk to regularly, we are spread out over 1500km, and we have seen in total 12 RTT in person...Not many want to show them off.

Autohome, are they fairly good in all weather (+30Celcius to -25Celcius)? how is their comfort stock? anything you can do to make them more comfortable?


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99% of what you asked is on threads in this forum. Search will work way faster, better than starting a new thread.

But on security overseas in an RTT. Dan Grec has great comments from his 3 years in Africa.
In areas where you might be concerned with people more than animals, you won't want to set up the RTT.
You need the option for urban camo and sleep inside the vehicle.

There is a "disabled overlanders" thread on this forum. But most disabled and even able seniors plus inebriated youth are critical of the ladder.

Buying anything new seems to be a full year wait AFTER you pay the deposit. I'd be looking for used. Get it now and get it for half price. There are a few RTT owners wanting out.

Trailer mount lets you park the trailer to explore. Plus you can be much closer to the ground. On the roof puts it much higher, longer, taller ladder. PLUS higher center of gravity. I do a TJ with a trailer. I can knife the unit, drop the trailer, turn around and hook up in space a QuadCab pickup cannot even turn around. PLUS I know how to back up with a trailer. If you are challenged by reverse, stay away from trailers.

Dan Grec has hundreds of videos on youtube and he has the credibility of having done it all. He has strong opinions based on his needs and experience.

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I was just at CVT in Chattanooga TN and their warehouse is stuffed full. Lots of stock.

I don’t know how much freight would be to Canada though.

Probably best to join a local Facebook group and try to see what folks have at the next meet up if you want to look before you buy.

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If you are spending that kind of money for shipping, a plane ticket to visit one of the expos or a few common places to see RTT looks really cheap vs making the wrong decision the first time.

I recall being surprised at how many tents I saw in Maui, maybe that is the new secret destination to go see different brands of tents? In either event, it is hard to be disappointed in a choice to fly to Maui.