Questions - new to Pinzgauer - about to maybe purchase 710K


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I have been driving a Honda Element, and it has done me well the past 12 years but it is not as rugged as I need. So I've been looking into alternative options. FJ Cruiser was good, but limited space in back (not enough to sleep). And thinking of 4wd truck (Tacoma or Dodge Cummins Diesel) with overland rig (Alu Canopy Cab Camper or GoFast). But I just found about the Pinzgauer and found one for sell (710K) and am very interested. I am also currently in the military, so further appreciate this unique vehicle. I appreciate any feedback you can provide on my concerns/questions below:

- Main hesitation to purchase is that the max speed is 60mph. So I suppose nothing can be done to improve this. Will driving at near 60 (such as 58) for several hours for a road trip cause excessive wear/tear on the vehicle? Or no problem to drive at ~58? How have you found this max speed as a detriment for your use of the vehicle? I am planning to have this vehicle as my daily driver in town as well as adventure vehicle. I suppose in town will actually only add few/several minutes to drive time. Road trip will add significant time.
What are your thoughts on this vehicle as my daily driver in town?

- It is V4, not V6. And gasoline, not diesel. How much disadvantage is having not diesel and not V6? And in this regards, what is the towing capacity? And how much gear/weight can I load inside the vehicle? Such as loading heaving rocks (I am a geologist / fossil hunter / rockhound) and logs.

- There is no A/C, and the heater was said to be unsafe. I will need A/C. I suppose I can install aftermarket systems? Any preferences; systems that can run on the battery so as to not overutilize the engine?

- What type of MPG can I expect? And if loaded with gear and/or people?

- Reliability / Longevity. I need my vehicle to be reliable, and ensure that arrive where I intend to arrive (such as my job!). And I hope to keep the vehicle for 10 or 20+ or more years. What are your thoughts on these aspects? And how about maintenance - do I need to do maintenance myself or can take to local garage? And what about obtaining parts - need to special order (expensive?) or can use parts such as from Autozone?

- I also plan to make additional upgrades and I'm sure will find more info/ideas on these forums. But if you have any initial thoughts on below; I'd appreciate. Roof rack; plan to install a roof rack and will need to determine which. Sleeping platform/system inside the vehicle: will use occasionally/rarely such as when stopping at a rest stop during road trip - perhaps make something such as fold out platform from the wall. Spotlights and other enhancements - I'm sure are lots of options and ideas on these forums.

- So now that I'm considering to purchase this Pinzgauer 710K, should I remain with the idea/plan to purchase this vehicle? Or should I consider other vehicles? Other Pinzgauer models with higher top speed? Volvo 303? LR 101

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback and advice!



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Hi buddy. I can't speak for the Pintzgauer, but as a mog owner I think there's probably a similar mindset needed to live with a vehicle like this. I think you have to enjoy (I.e. be positive about) the fact that they are slow, noisy, cramped, quirky mechanically, lousy fuel wise etc. Once you get there, the fact that you can do pretty much anything with the platform (fitting and adapting stuff like heating, a.c. etc) as long as you have time and aptitude and/or money, is a great joy!

If you like making a statement and don't mind going slow it will be an ok daily driver!
You will be able to fit a.c. but will probably have to be creative.
Lousy fuel economy I guess
If you can use a spanner and look after it, it will last forever! No idea on parts.
Upgrades are part of the fun.



Comparing Pinz to other vehicles you have listed is not fair. Other are designed for on road comfort with off road capabilities. Pinz is not. If you plan to spend most of your time on the road and then hitting the trails when you get there, Pinz is not the best choice. Slow, rough, noisy, hot or cold are just few things to consider. That 60 MPH might not sound bad, but believe me, it gets old really fast on the long stretches, especially considering lack of comfort. Also, 710 is not that friendly offroad (some might argue though)

If you just learned about Pinzgauers, they also make 712, which is 6x6 version of 710 and is a bit longer and better offroad.

Here is one. Many, many, many years ago....

Saying that, Pinzgauers are really fun.0cbb181fa7.JPG
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There is a guy in my local overlanding club that had one- it was a 4 wheel model, not 6..... I’m not familiar enough with them to know the difference beyond that.

If there was a planned trip with a group, he’d leave a day early to get to the meeting spot (he is retired so he had that luxury) because 60 mph at low elevations on flat terrain turns into 35 mph at elevation going up steep grades. It was a neat vehicle. I never got to witness it offroad but I’m sure it was impressive.

He wasn’t with the group too long before he got rid of it in favor of an LR4. Now he’s doing those same trails as before (he was into extreme trails), but within the comfort of heated (and cooled?) leather seats while doing the speed limit through the mountains.

So I’d say if your willing to live with a quirky vehicle like that, then do it. You only live once.


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Look up the Team Balu clips, their 6x6s are amazing, a good advert. I doubt it will stay at 60 even on the flat if laden. Some sites say they will tow 4000kg but slowly. There is a roof rack by Steyr that bolts directly to the front and rear roll bar. For spares either one of the specialists or set up an account with the factory and order direct, but even with them I think there are some parts just no longer made. You sit just in front of the front wheels making it feel a bit weird going around corners, and of course you sit right at the point of impact if you hit something. That does give you a lot of space in the back for it's overal length (so a 4x4 Pinz is about as big inside as a Landrover 110 but only about a foot longer than a 90) The later diesel versions are old enough for USA import I think and are quieter and quite nice to drive especially with some sound insulation but are still not a fast vehicle, diesels are a chunk more cash perhaps. The curve each axle goes through as each corner flexes changes the steering geometry as you go which can also feel a bit weird.


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They seem like great trail rigs but probably not much fun on the highway.

A newer Dodge or Toyota might be a better daily driver.


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A little late in responding but I don't make it over to the forums that often. I would not use a Pinz as a daily driver. The 710K is a nice truck but can be a handful even on the road. They run nice but the hard cab puts more weight up high and a panic stop can lead to the rear working around on you. Offroad that weight up high can make it very tippy.

Also the engine is an inline (technically slant) 4 cyl, not a V-4. The engine is specific to the Pinz and no other vehicle. It is reliable but break a hard part and you have a limited number of suppliers you can go to.

If you need A/C, find another vehicle. It is possible to add but it is not easy and requires custom fabrication. The engine is 90 hp. Not much more power can be extracted from it and A/C would be a bit much for it to pull.

I think you need to go and research some more. There are a lot of other vehicles out there that would be a better fit. I speak from experience having owned a 710M, 710K and 712M. Been there and done that.


I am the guy Tom mentioned that had the 710M. Had it for ten years, then got a LR3. Although I miss the pinz I do prefer the LR now. I also had a UniMog 404S for 13 years. It was a phase I went through.

The pinz is not recommended as a DD but I did use it as such when I lived in SoCal. Rarely does it get above 55 on the road but is excellent off road. On the flats 55, up hill and at altitude maybe 35 tops. It is dual carb and naturally aspirated so at altitude with less air it loses some HP as it is only 80 HP to begin with. It is an air cooled engine so cold and heat have very little effect on performance.
The carbs must be balanced to operate at anywhere close to peak performance. The heater is similar to the very early VW vehicles, so not very good and there is only the 2/50 Ac, which is two windows open at 50 MPH. Not recommended for desert travel.

If you want a unique vehicle that will get looks and have many asking you questions you might consider it. I have driven it from San Diego to Seattle and then to Denver many times although I do not recommend doing that too often unless you really know and understand the vehicle and can handle fixing its many quirks. It is a trip of many, many days.

I do recommend the 712 K, the six wheel version for hauling (3000 lbs max) it is better off road but much the same on road. It will tow 2000 lbs but not very fast. MPG is about 10 to 14, not a vehicle that one gets for great milage. Bothe the K and the M have the same engine (we are talking the 1970s versions now)
A military vehicle from another country must be at least 25 years old to be registered in the US.

There are newer versions that are better than the older ones and some of them are diesel, a much better buy in my opinion.
You are going to pay mighty big for a newer or even a good to great pinz. Don't cheap out on this purchase as the cheaper it is the more work you are going to do and the parts are not cheap. If you can't work on it your self, don't get it as very few can work on them and you do not want someone to have their learning experience on your baby. No don't ever take this to the corner garage and you will not get parts from AutoZone. Also this is a 24 Volt system and virtually nothing you can buy will work in it.

So, to be very clear, get something else. there are many more dependable vehicles that will be less expensive to operate in the long run and you will be much happier owning.

also, go here for more tales.

a pinz veteran


Get a full size and tow the 710 to the trail,it does look like a cool vehicle.
This video shows the peddles,it looks cramped to me,I know it is a different model.


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If he wants odd duck and off road ability VW TL40. Think big van version of the little VW syncro. Way cheaper than the Pinzgauer, way faster, way more global treking room.

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The seller had already sold it the very next day after I looked at it!
Anyways, I think the 716 would be a better match; if I can find one for sale. And seems that the Pinz would not be the choice for my all-around vehicle. Maybe best to buy a Pinz (716, or 710 would also be good) once I have a property/ranch where I can store it as a secondary/fun vehicle.