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I am working on a project, and have a tight budget. I can't afford to buy a colored bed liner product. I am wanting to use duplicolor bed liner and was wondering if anyone has painted over it with any success. I don't want to paint it and then have the paint come off.


I used the spray can stuff on my rockers, it is a so so product, if I could do it again I would have gone with herculiner, I have seen it used on 2 truck beds with good results, and I plan on doing my own truck bed at some point in time with it.

If you want to paint it I dont think many liners will hold up well to the paint it will chip and scratch unless you use something with a tinted base product


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I have used both products with success. I am possibly using it for a coating on a lid for my trailer. However, I don't want a black lid. So I am hoping that it can be painted and the paint will last.


If your budget is that tight, maybe reconsider just leaving the bedliner black. It would look better than trying to paint over it with poor results.


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Crap! I can't remember the name of it (Monster-something?) but there is a do-it-yourself bedliner that comes in colors and doesn't seem to expensive. Is that an option for you?

ETA: Found it! Monstaliner


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A one gallon kit is $145.00. That's about what I spent on Herculiner a few years ago. Thanks for the ideas.


Hi chaps, when I had Line-x applied to my LR I asked about spraying it to match the body colour the chap spraying it told me to spray the line-x with acetone, this "opens the pores" of the line-x for a couple of seconds and allows it too take colour.

never tried it as I liked the base black, but it may give you a lead.