Question wiring lights to Rough Country switch controller


Good morning!

So, I have one of the Rough Country switch controllers, and although it's been in for a while (and gets power), only yesterday did I begin to hook it up. I attempted to wire two Nilight 51w floods to it.

The switch panel has a fuse and relay already as a part of the line, so I did not wire either of those into the two lights. However, wiring them in...must have been user operator error. No light. Not even a flicker to the lights.

I did hear clicking, so I am assuming that I blew the fuse. I will be taking it all apart to make sure that everything works before attempting again.

My question is: how to you wire the lights typically? I wired the two together with the negs all together, power all together, and to the panel. Is that the proper way to do it?


Take a voltmeter and make sure you have power coming out of the panel. If there is no power go backwards and check fuse and connection to battery. Also make sure the polarity of the lights is correct, LEDs won't work if wired in reverse (positive to negative). Wiring them in parallel (combining the two positive and two negative) is correct.

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I'm sorry that I didn't come back to reply. I solved the problem.

I tested the lights as is, and had a bit of a flicker. I didn't trust my connectors (soldering, shrink wrapping) so I cut it all, and then tested each light to make sure they worked. They did.

Wired them together and tested. They still worked. Wired it to the controller, which had power...no joy.

Long story short, the furthest left switch on a 5-switch controller is not number 1. It's number 6. Assuming that the numbering is correct and properly ordered...the switches go from 6 to 2....with 1 being there, but non functional. All works as it should.