[Question] Poor man's top case


I recently picked a KLR to build for some light exploring and road trips. My wife is used to a sissy bar or padded top case on my ATV. I'm curious if anyone has cobbled together something of a top case with a pad for around $100.

The only thing Gargle, Fleabay and the usual scumbags want to show me is GIVI, but those run a little expensive for me.


nomadic man
I bought a Bestem top case off Amazon for $100. It came with a universal mount that fit on the rack of my Super Sherpa.
It is a cheap knock off of a Givi. It is cheap, but it has lasted on my bike for over 7 years now without failing.


I ended up finding an "Emgo" branded one on Amazon after searching "cheap top case KLR". I'm pretty happy with it for only $65. I really dislike the look of the Givi style boxes. Install was clean and easy.


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