Question on your Australian travels - Vehicle selection and what to do?


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Hi Guys,

Bit random, but we are planning a big trip around. Have previously done shorter trips such as Gibb River etc.

We are really stuck choosing our vehicle/camper type for the trip. We have narrowed it down to three possibilities:

- Large 2WD motorhome towing a small 4wd
- Large Expedition truck w/ Atv/Mbike
- Large 4WD and large Offroad spec Caravan

There are obviously positives and negatives associated with each, our main issues are that we want to get away from people and see wild australia, and have very little intention of staying in caravan parks etc. However the size of an expedition truck can be a problem, along with the fact that you don't have a comfortable vehicle to take down difficult 4WD tracks, you have to take your whole house with you. On the other hand, an expedition truck will much more easily be able to do remote overland areas such as the finke etc than towing an offroad capable large caravan.

Does anyone have any thoughts?'

Secondly, and this may feel strange, What do most of you actually 'do' once you are at somewhere nice and remote and camping? Obviously swimming, walking etc, but we have so many adventure hobbies that choosing what equipment to take will be difficult! ie. Offroading, boating, scuba diving, etc. I feel like I need to tow another trailer just with all the bits and pieces of equipment...


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Well... since no one has answered... I did about 5,000 km “back of Burke” in a rented 2wd Toyota camper van back in 2012. Took it a lot of places neither Toyota or the rental agency ever intended it to go.

Of the three options you present, what I saw the Aussies using most were diesel Nissan Patrols or Land Cruisers with really cool little pop up off road trailers.

Most common activity I observed was folks sitting around talking and drinking beer. Sometimes they drove their 4x4s without the trailers somewhere else, THEN sat around talking and drinking beer!

Myself? What I wished for more than anything was a pop top Land Cruiser.
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