Question on Timbren bump stops...


I see these two different units, effectively single and double stacked, posted almost everywhere but have yet to find someone who has used them on a lifted and loaded F350 like mine to hear what the pluses and minuses are. Does anyone here have any experience using them, especially with the Carli shock set up.


I’ve used Timbrens in the past with several different truck campers and they work well to limit bottoming out and to help stop sway. I don’t have any experience with them and a Carli system. The only downside is that they do limit your uptravel a bit. They are relatively cheap and easy to install and may save you from going to airbags. Hope this helps.


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No experience with Timbren, just know they are more for towing use.

I have the Sumo Spring bump stops. They have 3 different densities, I'm using the black one which is medium duty.
Same material that Thuren Boogie Bumps are made from. So I can recommend those definitely!


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We used the double bellow version on our Ram 2500 to carry a variety of popup and hardsided campers. Worked great when fully loaded and I loved the simplicity/durability. There's also a bit of internal damping with the rubber deflection that you don't get with airbags that helps things feel stable and not 'bouncy'. Completely empty was also generally fine since the OEM spring rates resulted in wheel travel that never brought the axle in contact with the timbrens. It didn't work out well when we had medium payloads that caused frequent engagement/disengagement with the timbrens as that transition can be jarring. Our truck was not lifted but the Timbrens came with a spacer that we could have added to the bumpstops if we were lifted.


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I had them on a stock 2500 Chevy and they were great, never knew they were there.

So I put a set on my Ranger and they’re awful. It’s like riding on the bump stops if you’ve got more than 500lbs in the back.

They shouldn’t be sold for the smaller trucks, or they should come up with a softer compound. They’re just garbage.
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Used on a Tacoma - only settled on them w/ heavy load - they were seem less when running light; and effective when loaded.


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A dealer was tried to convince me Timbren was better than air bags.

They didn't have a response when I asked:
1. How do you keep the same ride (no squat) height as the payload/hitch weight changes?
2. How can I adjust for differences in side to side weight?

With the air bags I can lift the back of the truck by 1 1/2 - 2" to keep the hitch from dragging when I'm off road.

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