Question for campmate owners


I received my Campmate:chef: in the mail today and can't figure out what the rook shaped metal bar is for or where it attaches to the Campmate.:chef: It looks like it could be for a roll of paper towels...maybe a lantern? I see where the S shaped hook goes from the picture on the front label.

Any suggestions and/or photos would be appreciated!



...also, what kinds of things to you keep in your Campmate? Obviously non-perishables and spices and what not, but what else? I kinda think this may be overkill for what I need.
I think it attaches to the bottom of one of the flip out doors, if its the piece I'm thinking of. Its meant to hold paper towels I think but they tend to unravel so its not a particularly useful piece. We keep all our pots and pans, dishes, tableware, spices, foil, spatulas and other serving/cooking utensils, etc. The top is made to hold a Coleman stove but we use ours for other larger kitchen items like a fry pan, strainer insulated coffee mugs, etc.


Pretty sure its used to hold paper towels. Thats what we use it for.(bottom right in picture) I hook it into the holes in the small side platforms that flip over. I took out the drawer that holds silverware and we are able to fit everything we need for cooking and eating. Love having the campmate for car camping.
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