Question about Warn M1200 Winch


Sorry I missed your question the first time. The solenoids are PN 72631 and are easy to get. It's the control pack that's unique and needs to be bought at the dealer.


Meaning the hand held, wired controller ?

Or on the winch itself, under the plastic cover ? Part # ?

This would be of GREAT help when going to my dealer, if I had the Dodge part #. Thanks.

3rd Gen 2008 Dodge Power wagon.

Thanks again.
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Reviving an old thread. Recently picked one of these winches from a Powerwagon and I was wondering if the winch can be made to go in spool in a normal direction (not reversed like dodge had it made).

Also, what stock Warn controller would work for this winch? Is the winch controller specific to the powerwagon winch as well?


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How do you clock the 1200 winch for bottom mounting. My Aluminess bumper is made for bottom mounting winches. Not front like this Warn