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Howdy friends!

I’m looking to ship my 30,000lbs overlander to Europe (Belgium) this spring from the US. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with what’s needed for this on the EU side. I realize every county has different regulations, but I’m looking for YOUR experience. 😊 I’m assuming I’ll need to get a US CDL (not needed in the US for my vehicle). We’re there any special hoops to jump through? Anything you would have done different in the prep to ship?

Yes. Get a CDL. A good idea even if “not needed” in North America.
And most roro ships including ones hired by Seabridge want empty, preferably no, propane cylinders. And filling propane is always a problem. Just one of several reasons why I switched to induction cooktop plus effective solar system.
And get used to 80kph speed limit on autobahns and autoroute. And slower off dual carriageway.
And buy insurance. I use Tourinsure. I believe €1M liability limit is standard, like it should be in US instead of ridiculous low numbers like $50k.


You might consider hiring or buying gas cylinders (usually 13kg) when you arrive instead of bringing your own. You may also need a readily available pack of filling adaptors as different countries use different threads.
Electrical power input is 230V 50hz if that is required.
If you are shipping RoRo, the back must be EMPTY if it is accessible from the driving compartment.
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Welcome to the Continent.

You are looking at a interesting meet & greet with loads of legislation as some countries have different rules for "HGV's" as yours will be seen - vehicle over 3.500 kgs. Some countries will not allow you to drive on Sundays, rrestrictions on roads (weight) and higher toll - and that adds up... Parking is also a thing as restrictions apply.

Also, please make 100 % sure your insurance is accepted her. Without a "greencard" you're asking for trouble. You don't say how long you want to stay but observe the Schengen rules. And the temp. import rules for your vehicle. You're limited to 80 km/h officially. Most of the trucks we run on 87 km/h on the C/C with the limiter. Assuming you're running diesel, be prepared for some serious €€€€ when refilling.

As other said, leave your propane tanks behind and get some here - easy enough.

Have Fun !!
We have just travelled in our 18t MAN 4x4 from Poland to Turkey. It is registered in the UK, but we are Australians. Main issue was the different requirements for road tolls. Try to buy "one" smart box that does all EU countries. I forget the name of the company, sorry. Varying costs in each country. Bulgaria & Turkey were very cheap.
We also use Tourinsure for our green card/ compulsory 3rd party insurance.
Diesel price for us was very similiar to Australia - $2.00 aud per litre, but we did only fill up in the cheaper EU countries eg Poland.
We drove & parked where we saw tourist coaches going. Plenty of free/ wild camping.

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