Quest for the Perfect Family Tent


I ordered this Caddis Rapid 6 tent recently. I haven't gotten a chance to actually camp in it, but I did set it up in the back yard. Just getting the tent itself set up was super easy and quick. The rainfly took some time to figure out but I am sure that will be faster after I do it a few more times. The quality seemed pretty good and step above the Coleman tents I have had in the past.

We bought a Springbar about a month ago. Just have one night in it, but everyone loved it. Sturdy enough that I don’t worry about the toddler or dog tearing it up. We got a Traveler (10x10) so there’s plenty of room for 4 people and a large dog. It was important to me to get a tent I can stand in and this is tall enough I can stand along the walls —not just the middle. Eventually we might modify the tent to add a small stove.

Springbar also has some import models that compete more directly on price with Kodiak, so that could be an option.
Thought I should update the thread. I ended up with a TNF Wawona 6 person tent. We have 14 nights in it so far and its has been decent. Pretty well made and more than enough room for a family of 4 and 2 dogs. Putting it up takes 10 minutes now that I've had some practice. It's not my dream tent, but itll due for now.



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I am now between the Tipi and a Springbar Hot tent.

We now have a class C RV so a tent is less of an issue but plenty of times we want to leave the luxury of the RV behind.


The Alpha Kilo Bow Tent is basically a modern bow design adapted to old school heavy canvas construction. I have set it up about 5 times an it probably takes a couple minutes to unpack, a couple more to lay everything flat in place, 5 minutes to raise it and attach the rain fly and another 5 to 10 minutes to stake everything down with cords and an extended awning. For what it is, it's about as easy a setup as I can imagine. I think you will have to compromise in durability and or features for an easier to set up tent. There is a video on the link below showing the setup.

If you scroll down to "Description" and the first tab is features, the last tab to the right is "video".

I'm pretty sure the UN and other agencies that operate in Africa use Bushtec tents because they are very durable. Definitely last a lifetime if properly stored and not abused.
After looking around and wanting a canvas tent I just ordered one of these. Thought about the OZtent but it just packs up to long. Was looking at the Springbar as well but I just like the design of the Bushtec better.


Jet tent 25x is made by Oztent, but unfortunately is no longer available in the US. It packs down to a 48” length. Ours is at least 7 or 8 years old and has taken a beating in all kinds of weather. I see them on the used market occasionally and would look there. Ours is currently stored away because we’re giving an RTT an honest try.


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Just purchased a Oztent Oxley Lite 7 which Oztent has discontinued and I can't understand why. Could be the pandemic...anyway this tent packs down to less than 4ft long so it fits nicely in my Zu Rodeo. The tent is a two room fast setup and made of 210d rip stop nylon fabric. Haven't had it out yet,but it should fit my needs in the eastern Sierra high desert. Family camping only has 3 left if anybody wants one. Btw I'm looking for the front panel kit to enclose the front awning on the Oxley 7 lite. If anybody has one or knows of one for sale please send me a message.



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I found a Oxley 7 panel set new in Germany. They also had the 5 and 7 tents in stock. Niklas was a great help...highly recommended. To find the poly oxford tents new....still for sale I think is rare.
If you purchase one tell them Roger posted about the tents.



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I need help finding a family ground tent that meets this set of requirements:
-Fast setup and take down. We always seem to get to camp later than intended and spending an hour setting up camp is a total bummer when everyone is tired and hungry.
-Under 65" long when stored. This has been the hardest thing to come up with. Gazelle and OzTent are to long to fit in my F150 with 5.5ft bed without laying diagonally. We tried...
Going to assume you tried the regular T4 Gazelle tent? The much larger T4 Plus ironically packs down smaller length-wise. It's 63" long when collapsed. I fit it into my Canyon short bed, if aligned right between the ribs of the bed liner it even fits straight.

On the Plus side (see what I did there :p) the T4 Plus will also be much better for a family in that you'll have a separate "room" for the kids once they get a little older, OR even better if trying to put them to bed and still want to have a hang out room for you and the wife. Get their new Overland edition since it has the water resistant carrying bag and thus tent won't get soaked in the bed of the truck, also highly recommend using the included footprint with a dog running around inside, the upgraded stakes are a bonus.

Honestly this is the best family of 4 tent.


ez up camping cube doesn't get any easier to set up.i use mine on my utv excursions.before that i used my Eskimo insulated icefishing shelter.that was an even faster setup.