Quest for the Perfect Family Tent

I have to agree with others who have Kodiak Canvas. The flexbow is a neat design I have the 10x10 and I can set it up alone in about 15min. Good quality and quite heavy. Sportsman's Warehouse has some in stock I believe? I just recommended them to a buddy of mine.


I ordered this Caddis Rapid 6 tent recently. I haven't gotten a chance to actually camp in it, but I did set it up in the back yard. Just getting the tent itself set up was super easy and quick. The rainfly took some time to figure out but I am sure that will be faster after I do it a few more times. The quality seemed pretty good and step above the Coleman tents I have had in the past.

We bought a Springbar about a month ago. Just have one night in it, but everyone loved it. Sturdy enough that I don’t worry about the toddler or dog tearing it up. We got a Traveler (10x10) so there’s plenty of room for 4 people and a large dog. It was important to me to get a tent I can stand in and this is tall enough I can stand along the walls —not just the middle. Eventually we might modify the tent to add a small stove.

Springbar also has some import models that compete more directly on price with Kodiak, so that could be an option.
Thought I should update the thread. I ended up with a TNF Wawona 6 person tent. We have 14 nights in it so far and its has been decent. Pretty well made and more than enough room for a family of 4 and 2 dogs. Putting it up takes 10 minutes now that I've had some practice. It's not my dream tent, but itll due for now.



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I am now between the Tipi and a Springbar Hot tent.

We now have a class C RV so a tent is less of an issue but plenty of times we want to leave the luxury of the RV behind.