Quandary Peak, Colorado


Expedition Leader
Photos from a hike up Quandary Peak here in Colorado around mid-June when I took my boss on his 2nd Colorado 14er and one of the other people I work with on their first. This is one of the easier 14ers to hike (warm up trail for me). We had good weather for most of the way and got lightly rained on as we were neared the end.

Looking towards the summit and the other hikers making their way up.

At the summit - I had a little bit of a hard time breathing due to the cold and wind trying to take these photos.

I think the most impressive thing on this hike was that we ran into a dad and his two little girls (maybe around 6 years old) on the trail, the little girls wanted to take/join their dad on a 14er for his birthday so they were on this trail. We could tell that they struggling some when we first meet them but they were doing it and the last time we ran into them they were 3/4 of the way up (gave them a hand warmer to help them). Way to go!

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