Quality Off-Road Lighting for F350

I admit I have not shopped for lights in a long time. I know PIAA, RIGID, LightForce, and that’s about it. My last Cherokee had 4 LF-170s on it, and that was a crazy amount of light. I think technology probably left the LFs behind, better is available.

What I need:


Forward facing: My preference is a LED light bar for the front, with a wide pattern. Think for slow use for fire roads, desert, etc. No need for high speed pencil beems. Stock F350, assume I can mount solidly on the bumper.

45 degree off to the side: Bumper mount, or below windshield? LED as well.

I’m asking because I want to get an idea of what quality off-road lighting this community has learned works well. I want a lot of light.

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Lots of good info about quality lighting on Candlepowerforums.com, but the moderators there can be a challenge.
Cheap lights can produce a lot of glare which actually affect your night vision and makes it harder to see. Don’t get cheap Chinese knockoffs.




A lot of the lights on the market now are overkill. When you are able to blind oncoming traffic a mile away, even if it's off road, when can you actually use them? I researched lights for an article I wrote after hearing professional racers talking about "out-driving their lights." They were talking about speeds above 100mph. There was not enough light available for their brains to do the processing and determine what they were looking at. Scary, but again when are most going to need that much light. What I have, and recommend is to have lighting that matches your needs. I have a pair of Vision-X transporter LED's mounted to the front bumper. They have 9 LED pods and are a combination of wide and long beams. They put out plenty of light for my forward facing needs.


Next I have some LED lights mounted below the bumper as ditch lights. They are perfect when you need to find a side road, or to see what's on either side of the truck. They are cheap chinese units because they get thrashed.


Then I have more Vision-X lights mounted high on my roof rack. These are super wide floods. Three sets of lights give me total coverage and task lighting that I need. You don't have to spend a million bucks if you don't want to.

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Same, I shopped Amazon PRIME.

First I wanted side lighting for route finding on beaches and found some A-Pillar lights with side lights and aimed them out to give lighting almost behind me.

Then since my high beams left a void I added a TINY roof LED Bar.

I went single bar to fit it UNDER the roof rack bar for protection and mounted it far enough back to avoid any glare off the hood. They work fabulously all in for under $200CDN bought off Amazon PRIME.

They are wired to work off the factory fog light switch. I wanted them to work with high beam or low beam so I broke the prong on the relay which restricted "fog" lights to low beam only.

No new switches or wiring or relays, I just extended the existing fog light wiring for the Fog Lights I never need/use. A good Halogen low beam is as good as a fog light.
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