Quad Cab DuraMax build


Going to keep it simple, mild lift, good set of wheels and tires. This is my first diesel and its like driving a fright train, pure awesome. :elkgrin: Here are a few before pics. SUPER stock SUPER clean 78K.

PS. I have already started a fund for new injectors. lol

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Dude I love your "tag number"..hahahahahaaaaa

LOL, its from my turbo eclpise and I just kept the tags, knowing I would be back in boost at some point. Irony is that this could also apply to the injectors.

Thanks, guys! I LOVE this thing, starting to get used to the noise from the motor, having never driven a diesel untill I get this It sounded like the thing was going to toss a rod at first. Now I love the noise. :victory: The ride is very nice, but the rear springs are a bit too stiff as they are for towing. It almost feels like I need weight in the bed and it would ride great. Still doing homework on the truck and picked up some Wix fuel filters yesterday, and the glow plugs were replaced 3 months ago. Going to keep reading and see what more I can do to keep her running clean and pampered. :coffee:


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So what are the specs? What year, blah, blah.

Welcome to the Max/Alli world. They are amazing combo's.



It is 2002 2500hd, SLT package, 75,000 miles, Amazing leather seats, **** stereo, auto.

Put a fresh wix fuel filter in yesterday and looking at picking up an airdog to keep my injectors happy for as long as possible. Still trying to track down the original owner to see what the maintenance was like while he owned it.


Well; no luck on the owner so far. I am rally thinking about picking up an airdog 100/150 sooner than later, I have made a commitment to myself to pay off the truck before I mod it but I think in the name of longevity I might make an exception. Also thinking about cutting the exaust before the muffler and turning it out the side. Also found out I have no cats factory. Kewl..:elkgrin:


nice truck man, i love Dmax trucks... i almost bought one back in Jan but they weren't willing to budge on the price at all. the airdog is definitely a good investment, it'll help those injectors last.


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Sorry, long post:
nice truck. Same as mine but newer, cleaner, fewer miles, more doors etc.. haha Same colour though.
Welcome to the diesel world as well. It is a good place to be.
1. Do a VIN check to see if the injectors were replaced under warranty. GM boosted the warranty on those messed up injectors to 7 years & 200k miles. If they were changed before, you are golden. Mine were changed by the previous owner under warranty (saved my wallet a big hit) and all my oil analysis have come back perfect and no loss of antifreeze.
2. You will probably have window regulator problems (I have replaced 5 in 3 years!) I found the Dorman ones from Schucks are the best (and they have a lifetime warranty), so when they break again, I will just get new ones for free. You can replace them in 20 minutes.
3. Pump rub: Some of the original Allisons suffered from pump rub. Basically, there is a steel clip inside the transfer case that rubs through the magnesium housing, all the oil sprays out and then bad stuff happens. Don't be scared, it wasn't super common, however, you may want to invest in something like this:
(by the way - Merchant Automotive is probably the best source for Duramax specific parts and knowledge. All he does is Duramax - I am not affiliated, just a big fan).
4. I would keep an additional fuel filter in the truck. It will normally let you know when it is time to change it (hesitating under load etc.) but sometimes you just can’t start that rig. Nice to have, JIC.
Good call on the airdog, that will really help with your injectors. Any secondary filter system is a good idea. The CAT filter systems are good. You won't need a lift pump until you start pushing around 500hp (not hard to get there). Watch the tranny too, when you start getting higher hp’s (and ft-lb). The ally can handle about 100hp over stock (LB7 = ~300hp & 520 ft-lb) before you need to upgrade the internals (ATS is probably your best bet for this)
5. Get familiar with the Mbec. Driver side upper left of the footwell. It will help you add all sorts of electric goodies goodies inside the cab w/o having to run power from the batter. Also, check gmupfitters.com. Lots of info (more than you need probably) for your truck.
If you do need to run power from the battery (inverter, amp etc...) the drivers side battery (+) terminal has a sweet battery terminal with a post for just this reason. It is $$$.
6. Door rust. The way the bottom of the doors are designed, they are more susceptible to rust when you get rock hits there. You are probably fine in AZ, but if you do end up doing a bedliner on the rocker panel, might as well include the doors.
7. Sending unit for gas gauge. It is in the tank on your truck, not in the frame like the gas trucks. If it does fail, pull the 6 bolts on the bed and lift it out of the way instead of dropping the tank. Much easier.
8. Some (other) good forums:

Gotta run, but those were the things I could think of off the top of my head. I am looking forward to your build.
Hurry up and pay it off would ya!


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Never seen it happen on a half ton.

The transfer case is a New Venture unit, totally separate from the transmission. Seven years at a GMC dealership, I've seen about a dozen tcases with this condition.

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It only happens to the NV261/263 used in the HD drive train trucks. The only issue that may come up with the Allison that year on a stock powered engine is the Neutral Backup Safety Switch they are a know weak point. Very easy to fix though.


AWESOME information guys! Thanks!

I work for a major privet University; I sit in my office with two 18in monitors in front of me. For the last two weeks I have been neck deep reading about Duramax's...:coffee: Read a ton on the injectors and think I have a game plan to keep them happy for as long a possible. When I was building my turbo eclipse I read about "crank walk" and worried myself about it for the first year I had it, I was just waiting for it to let go, however after about a year I quit and beat the crap out of it without worry. I feel the same way now about the injectors, I don't want to push it; hell I dont even know what happens when you smash the gas, to scared. lol. I think their should be a medical name for my complex " that of neurotically worrying about you car/truck". lol. Last night I smelled the oil and I could not tell of it smelled like diesel, I was out there for 20min sniffing my dipstick (gigity) it was right at fill mark. Did the paper towel test; another 20min examining the towel in the light. Looked fine, I think... Sorry for rant...

Passion for cars, blessing/curse.:rolleyes:
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