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Some background....
I have a Blue sky 2000e solar controller (its an older unit but lightly used and works fine)
My electrical system consists of 2 G31 flooded batteries wired to a Bluesea cutoff combiner switch Off-1-2-both.
and a Blue Sea Buss bar which takes the output of the Cutoff switch, everything hangs off of the +/- buss bars (all wires are fused)
The 2000e feeds into the Buss bar.

I'm thinking i need to do the following

Wire each battery separately to the 2000e separately (fused) and then wire in the 2000e Load output to the buss bar.
I will probably go the next step and add in a bluesea fuse panel and use that instead of the buss bar system i have currently.

Am i thinking about that right - the system works as is (i.e. the solar controller charges the batteries)


load (when camped) is an ARB Fridge, 2 NL Led lights, and the interior LED light strips - not everything runs typically at the same time - ARB quotes 7amp vdc on the fridge (startup or cycle, i assume) so should be fine when wired to the Fuses/bus bar main circuit but i'll check my controller specs just the same. Thanks

so i thinking correctly then? i need to wire "Load" to the main circuit and then charge to the batteries directly?


Tail-End Charlie
Most often, the load circuit is not used. It has a low-voltage disconnect (LVD) and limited amps. Occasionally useful, but usually not.

Typical setup would be solar in, battery out, load unused - and run the loads to the battery.

The fridge has its own LVD anyway.


the load out on mppt controllers can be unreliable. On mine whenever a cloud blocks the sun as soon as the cloud clears (edge of cloud effect), the mppt goes looking for a new max powerpoint and the voltage shoots up pass 14 volts, this always turns off the load out. (built in overvoltage protection)

I always had the loadout connected to my fantastic fan, it would shutoff several times a day, and the load out wont reset automatically. I always had to get up and press the load out power back on.

Also any spikes in voltage, more sun or less sun, will affect the power output. On my fan I can hear the fan rev up or rev down throughout the day. Its best to connect everything to the battery, you get a solid 12 volts without any spikes.


I ended up not wiring the Bluesky controller to Fuse box via the Load outputs. I just ran 2 runs (+/-) to the batteries directly with Fused + to the battery output.

Pretty much done for now.

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