Putting in a new stereo


Wondering what others have done for a better stereo and speakers in the cab. Primarily the speakers. The ones in the doors are tiny hardly any room for larger better speakers.


We have a simple setup, on dash board attached a portable Sony BT stereo speaker (extra bass model) and run music from old mobile phone. It drowns the Canter snoring.


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I've put a Sony XAV-AX1000 head unit in mine (2018 FG4x4) and JBL GX402 speakers in the doors. The Sony went in without a hitch after adapting the wiring harness. The GX402s almost don't fit under the door cards so a less deep speaker might be better. Following Decanter's example on Instagram I pulled the interior out and insulated with Noico sound deadening mat and foam insulation. It's not perfect but it's a big improvement over the factory setup!