Purchase decision: what's the leak (2007 Frontier V6)


I'm looking at an '07 6-speed Frontier with > 160k miles on it. It seems clean and runs well. Normal scratches and wear you'd expect with the mileage. The rear diff has a minor leak which I'm not worried about, however there is another one from up under the engine area. I've done work on cars but not enough to identify this part nor do I know the history of these motors. Do y'all have any suggestions as to the source and potential severity of the leak?

If it doesn't seem major I'll be getting this and planning to refresh it and keep it for awhile for exploring, camping, etc.



If its coming from the bell housing area its likely a rear main seal....but it could be coming from above as well.


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Based on how it appears to be coming from the hole in the bell where the clutch slave goes through, I'd say rear main or another seal inside the bellhousing. The part will likely be cheap, but the labor will be quite a bit (unless you fix yourself). It's not something catastrophic, just a high mileage maintenance item.


I made an offer which was lower than the buyer wanted. I've since raised my offer but I can't go any higher, especially considering the work that may need to be done.

I'll report back if I end up getting it (or another Frontier for that matter). ;-)