Pulled trigger on a diesel Excursion


As the title says. Send me your best build ideas folks. Truck is already well equipped in the drivetrain department so I am looking to build this into a ski bus/short trip with RTT option.
I have an ARB fridge already. Looking at rear tire carrying bumpers to free that space up and some kind of rear door cook option.
Thanks in advance

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Congrats. Check our articles:



So for “build” ideas you probably aren’t really looking for engine/drivetrain/ suspension upgrades? I can’t recall exactly, but wasn’t 04 a changeover year for leaf vs coil front ends? My 05 truck was coil by then, the 03 guy at work is leaf.


Oh yeah its had the coil swap done already. I have some shorty traction bars from the F250 I may add. Its a built truck already so its really just ideas at this stage. It will be much more of a highway cruiser than the 4R100 7.3 I have so planning longer trips in this one for sure.
I dont believe the exs ever got the coils unlike the trucks which switched to coils in 04 IIRC


Congrats! I'm in the process of building mine up as well. Just installed the rear winch bumper and relocated the 270 awning this weekend. You can see my progress on IG @fullsizetouring Look through the people I follow on there, a lot of nice builds.

IMG_0433.jpeg IMG_0789.jpeg


What headlights are those??

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ACANII - For NEW Black 1999-2004 Ford F250 F350 F450 SD [LED Light Tube] Projector Headlights Driver & Passenger Side
Interestingly enough, when I got them they ended up being genuine Spyder.
I started a project to:

1) Quiet the cabin. (The 7.3L is monster loud. Mine reads 94dB on the road). To do so, I removed the entire interior, installed Dynamat and Dynapad from top to bottom.

2) add a tertiary battery and power supply (solar)

3) add a custom roof rack

4) placing ARB 37 L fridge between driver’s and passenger’s seats by removing the center console. (Must remove arm rests to make it work)

5) add ARB dual air compressor and air tank to run tools. Run an air line to the front and rear bumper using a Sherman Cap.

6) Install additional overhead lighting and gooseneck dimable reading lights in the back (we often inflate a 10” thick air mattress in the back and sleep inside the vehicle)

7) instal battery isolators and pure sine wave inverters

8) add WeBoost

9) bumper modification: Raptor Liner and 4 sets of auxiliary lights.

10) Install a switch to turn off the dome lights when the doors are open.

11) Install rear bumper with swing gate and spare tire mount.

There are probably other little things I did but this covers most of it.

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Welcome to the Excursion party. Here are a few good links to get you started:

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4" lift is most likely modded x/c codes or procomp. i believe x/c still uses the factory block at the back, while the procomp does not. might be easy to take a look and see.