Pulled Baofeng Post

Missed your thread but I can confirm the frequency limitations. Have UV-5R V2+ and unlike my older UV-5R it will not reach down past 145mhz. With chirp you can program it to go lower to listen to 144.39 paired to APRSdroid but no transmitting. Really the only annoying thing about the firmware changes.
If you are referring to the FCC Order on Baofeng, its very real and on the FCC site as of 8/1/2018.


2. This CITATION AND ORDER (Citation) notifies Amcrest Industries, LLC d/b/a Baofengradio.us (Amcrest or Company) that it is marketing an unauthorized RF device—a handheld two-way radio—in violation of Section 302(b) of the Communications Act, as amended (Act), and Section 2.803 of the Commission’s rules. We therefore direct Amcrest to take immediate steps to come into compliance with the Commission’s equipment authorization rules and cease marketing unauthorized RF devices in the United States. If Amcrest fails to comply with these laws, it may be liable for significant fines of up to $19,639 per day and other sanctions.
I think they got fined, I have two, purchased an extra for back up. They locked the frequency transmit on the new ones so you cant transmit on non 2M frequencies. The my old ones you could rx and tx on FRS, GMRS, Marine VHF and 2M, aviation, police and fire. And yes, I know its illegal.