Prospective purchase: 2005 Chevy 2500 - input?


Looks like the shop will be parting with one of the work trucks, and I think I've got first crack at it.

It's a 2005 2500, 6.0, 4.10s, extended cab, short bed, 4x4, 170,000ish kms (so just over 100,000 miles). Not sure what trim level, but it's cloth seats, rubber floor, power windows and locks, electric shift transfer case (ugh!).

The way I see it is as follows.

The good:
I know the recent history of the truck, it hasn't been babied but it hasn't been beat either. Commuter duty for the last while. Has been with the company for 5+ years.
It seems like a sturdy enough truck with some decent parts - 6.0, 4L80 trans, 14 bolt FF axle...
Only pulled a trailer a couple of times I can recall.
Rubber floor!
Nearly new front pads and rotors.
New windshield last week!
17X,XXX kms. Should have lots of life left in it.

The bad:
It has some rust. I haven't found anything but surface rust on the rocker panels - it's not too far gone to get it cleaned up and sprayed with bed liner.
6.0 motor and 4.10s - thirsty!
Electric shift transfer case - yuk!
The front of the box is dented, bad enough the cab is dented too.
Wood box liner - might not be a problem, but could be hiding some sins.
The fan doesn't work on hi. I'm sure it's something simple.
Needs tires.
Little issues like the grill is broken, and the switch panel on the P/S door is loose.

I'd be moving out of a 2006 Ranger with 132,XXX kms. It's been nothing but reliable, but just too small. I really have no brand loyalty to speak of, but my Ranger has treated me the best out of all the vehicles I've owned. That said, it's been the newest and least mileage, so it rightfully should be.

I will need something that will fit a childs car seat. It'd be nice to have a truck that will seat more than two adults, can haul plywood or pull a decent size trailer. This Chevy isn't a truck that I'd go out of my way to buy, but if the price is right...

I'm wondering if there are any things I should be looking for that could be deal breakers or bargaining chips. Not that I typically drive far, but how terrible are these things on gas? Is there much room for improvement?

I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow.

Any other thoughts?
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I have a gmt800 and love it, tho it's a burb, not a truck. Can't give good advice on whether or not to get it, without price. They're solid trucks if maintained, so if you know enough of its history to make you feel comfortable, and it has what you want, go for it lol.


I don't know what they're asking, but I'm thinking it's gonna have to be pretty cheap or I'll pass.

I only had time to get a pic of the RPO sheet (and notice another broken piece of plastic). Not badly equipped, probably really close to how I would have ordered it. LS trim.

I was mistaken, the odometer shows 180,XXX kms, but I doubt the speedo was corrected for the 285s, so who knows.