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Last year after a camping/jet boating trip in hells canyon, It became clear I needed to upgrade my old white gas equipment to propane. On a whim, and without much research, I ordered a 1 gallon (4.25 lb) propane tank with the intention of running a lantern and stove. In hind sight I should have gotten a bigger tank but oh well. So next came the desire to mount this tank to something. Well after surfing for countless hours I couldn't find anything that fits this smaller tank, so I decided to build my own. IMG_20180905_190045.jpg IMG_20180909_102504.jpg IMG_20180909_102622.jpg IMG_20180909_102607.jpg
I made two. One for the horizontal tank and one for the vertical tank. One tank is for the propane camp fire, one for cooking.
The horizontal tank is held on with straps, the cradle bolted to the FR rack and the vertical one is bolted to a metal platform that is attached to the FR rack with 4 wing nuts. Both have been down very rough roads with no issues about rattles or becoming air borne. Simply made but not near as theft proof as the ones made by Blazinid or to be found professionally made. Not so pretty but up there not really visible.
There is a vertical one on the trailer but since I rarely use the trailer these were made up in my shop and do perform well. I a not a great welder like the first one on this post.


Its a 4.25lb tank not 5lb. Maybe that mount would have worked IDK, but for $100+ is wasn't going to take the gamble. This one cost me $10 in paint and latch (8 pack for like $6 on amazon) and scrap metal laying around....and of course my labor is free, because I'm cheap.


I'm still trying to convince myself to spend $100 for a tank holder, plus another $50 for a 5-lb Manchester tank (it would give my little trailer even more of that expedition look). And add n still the price of the hose to connect the 5-lb tank to my Coleman stove. Usually two 1-lb cylinders seem to last me forever. How many 1-lb cylinders could I buy for over $150? Just trying to do the math. Maybe I could justify it by buying a small propane fire pit to run off the 5-lb tank. But then I'd be wanting a 20-lb tank, and that would defeat the purpose of initially getting the 5-lb tank.

Someday though; a lot of the stuff I've bought for my one-of-these-days expedition trips didn't make financial sense - I just wanted it, and could afford it.
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For me the 10 lb. tank justification was easy when I was trying to use propane for heating and cooking (have given up trying to heat a tent). I have gone back to the one pounders (or white gas/Coleman fuel) for cooking (even though none pack particularly well) and only bring a 20 pounder camping during fire bans, for the propane campfire. The 10 pounders have been retired to backup duty at the cutting torch.
A 10 pounder rode well in the CJ and YJ Jeeps tied/strapped to a roll bar, 20 pounders are always awkward (even in a milk crate) without a holder on a trailer, IMO.

I don't believe that I would ever buy a tank holder but I could convince myself to make one... IF I ever build another trailer.