Propane hot water heater install question


I just bought a new me to vmi off-road expedition trailer. It has a 20gallon on board water tank with electric pump. I want to install a propane hot water heater.

I was hoping to mount it inside a pelican style box. I have seen folks do it, so it doesn’t seem to be a fire hazard. What is the best unit- camp lux etc......?



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I went for the Thermomate because I fell for the marketing about a copper exchanger, not sure if other brands have that. Also some are set up with connection for optional vent pipe. Have the setups you've seen in pelican boxes had a vent piped to outside? Some have CO detection with automatic shutoff, that probably wouldn't work well in an unvented box. I've only used mine a few times, sort of happy with it. I need to work the kinks out with an unlimited supply of water before I take it camping again.